Terms And Conditions Of Service​

Please read our Terms and Conditions of Service below.

  1. Should a colour for the cover not be specified, our default BLACK cover will be used.
  2. Materials used for document covers are the recommended leatherette variants, specified by South African and International academic institutions. Genuine leather is subject to order & availability, and will require a lead time of up to 3 weeks. Cost per copy may also differ from 3-5 times more than that of the standard leatherette.
  3. Should your full title not be able to fit on the spine, it will be truncated (shortened) or left out.
  4. Your main title will be blocked according to the space required on the front cover and number of characters necessary. It will not be blocked as per the line and word spacing on your title page. We are not responsible for any punctuation not inserted.
  5. The year listed on your thesis title page is the year that will be printed on the hard cover. Please contact us, should this differ.
  6. Foiling on the cover and spine is done in Gold. Silver foiling is available at an additional charge.
  7. Images to be foiled on the document covers will need to have a clear design outline, with minimal shading.
  8. Checks are done on final print and binding quality onlyWe cannot be held responsible for errors relating to document formatting (paragraph spacing, alignment, orientation, margins ). The onus is on the client to proof-read the final document prior to sending it to us; we rely on the final document or instructions sent, as being final proof.
  9. University Binding (Pty) Ltd will, prior to print, check that the document margin spacing is sufficient for the binding process only. We will not check and/or correct:
    • heading alignment and spacing
    • page numbering
    • turn off (in MS Word documents)
      2. the “TRACK CHANGES” or “SHOW MARKUP” features
    • the “MARK REVISIONS WHILE EDITING” feature. This may cause the “ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED” message text to appear in the deleted (struck through) table of contents. The same error message will also appear in place of text that is the result of other fields, such as captions and cross-references.
  10. Should any of the above conditions (in points 8&9) not be met, any reprints undertaken, will be at the cost to the client.
  11. Work undertaken will be according to the guidelines sent to us by the respective academic institution. Any specific departmental/faculty requirements are to be communicated to us prior to the job being started. Any changes, corrections or deviations from this, will be charged to the client.
  12. Final thesis files are requested in the preferred PDF format, so all formatting is locked, and no changes can be made by software variations. MS Word files are prone to formatting changes across version variants, and clients are requested to inform University Binding (Pty) Ltd of any custom word processing settings that may have been applied.
  13. All thesis files and content are treated as private and confidential. No information is shared without the express consent of the client.
  14. Photocopies are of a lesser print quality than digital print.
  15. No two covers will be identical, due to the nature of the materials and the processes used.
  16. Job completion time is a minimum of 3 working days for Durban based jobs, & between 4-6 working days for national jobs. During national graduation periods(March, April, September, October) job completion time may take up to 10 workings days. (A surcharge will be levied for urgent/expedited jobs. Same day service is not available due to the curing and setting times needed for the glueing and binding processes.
  17. Your required due date may not always be available due to our system of pre-bookings according to the national graduation schedule.
  18. Unless otherwise stated, each quote is valid for 30 days only. Cost differences may occur after this time, due to fluctuations in the exchange rates, availability of materials, and fuel prices
  1. University Binding (Pty) Ltd does not undertake any language editing. All editing services are limited to word processing formats (paragraph spacing and alignment, page numbering )
  2. No editing will be undertaken:
    • during national graduation months (March, April, September, October). Documents to be edited are to booked in several weeks before the start of these months.
    • on documents deemed not be to formatted according to the Harvard or APA (for Humanities) guidelines. Any alterations made by University BindingUniversity Binding (Pty) Ltd (Pty) Ltd, will be made according to the APA guidelinesthese guidelines, and may alter the layout of the original document.
    • in this regard, University BindingUniversity Binding (Pty) Ltd (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for any changes requested by the client, on non-Harvard/APA formatted documents.
  1. Delivery charge is based on weight and destination.
  2. International delivery times will vary according to the shipping method chosen.
  3. Delivery times are estimated as follows:
    1. Major centres (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town): 2-3 working days
    2. Regional centres: 3-6 working days
  4. All deliveries are handled by The Courier Guy and Globeflight couriers.
  5. Once our couriers have taken possession, University Binding (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for:
    • Late arrival due to transport breakdown, traffic and weather conditions.
    • Cancellations due to industrial action, fire, flood, theft, etc.
    • Courier negligence or change in schedule.
    • Unavailability of the supplied recipient. In this regard, our courier will endeavor to redeliver the package at their earliest schedule.
  1. Prices quoted are for single document compilations. Discounts are available for bulk quantities.
  2. Payment must be made to University Binding (Pty) Ltd before commencement of any work, or delivery of documents. This is to avoid non collection and last minute cancellations, after work has been completed.
  3. Payment methods accepted are EFT, Bank deposit, PayPal, Visa or Mastercard, MiMoney and uKash ONLY.
  4. A 4% credit card processing fee is applicable for all Visa and Mastercard transactions.