PDF Optimisation

Free PDF converters do not always remove word processor styles and formats, as well as import bookmarks. If preferred, we will convert, bookmark and optimise your document to a higher PDF standard that is prepared for library digitisation, cataloguing and archiving. A labelled CD with your PDF will be presented in either a paper sleeve (for insertion within the thesis cover) or a hard jewel case with a printed inlay containing your name, title and year (click here to see an example). Various institutions have different requirements, and we will adhere to these specifications.

Advantages of a Library Optimised and Bookmarked PDF

  • file size is reduced and display speed is increased.
  • save bandwidth and user frustration, and the document can therefore be distributed efficiently.
  • compressed images from applying appropriate compression algorithms. This enables maximum efficiency and saves memory space.
  • enables the attaching or downloading of the PDF to become very easy and fast.
  • most common use of bookmarks, is linking to different pages within a PDF, and is just about the simplest way to make a document more user friendly.
  • bookmarks will help the user understand the basic structure of a long document. Moreover, including bookmarks will hopefully encourage users of your documents to read them online instead of wasting paper by printing them.