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What services do you offer?

We offer a countrywide printing and binding service for postgraduate (and other) theses and dissertations. We are also able to bind examiner’s copies in soft covers, to reduce your cost. Most faculties also require a PDF copy of your work, and we are able to convert, bookmark and write your complete PDF to CD. For tertiary institutions, we offer a faster and less costly binding service for library journals.

Do you only print and bind theses/dissertations?

No. We also bind academic reference journals for tertiary institutions. We offer a faster, more cost efficient service in this regard. We are able to bind a variety of products, including textbooks and curriculum vitae’s.

How long does it take?

Production times will vary according to the number of copies required. Smaller quantities (1-4) are usually received within 3-5 working days. During national graduation periods (Feb-April, September), turnaround times are usually 7-10 working days.

Can I drop off my printed documents at your premises?

Unfortunately not. As we are predominantly an online service, we do not accept hand delivered items at our premises, due to safety regulations. We are able to arrange a collection schedule for printed documents or you may courier/post your hard copies to us.

Is there a rush service?

Yes. A surcharge will apply.

How do I send a large file or many large files??

We generally receive files of up to 10mb via email. If you have many large files, you can use the service. It is a free service that allows you to send large files to us or any other yousendit recipients. You can sign up for a free account at, and use our email address: to send us files.

Can I choose different colours?

Yes. We bind in black, maroon, navy blue, light-blue, green, brown, dark brown, charcoal grey, tan, and brown crushed leather. Examples of cover colours can be found in our image gallery.

What media formats can you read?

We read all current tech media formats, ranging from CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB flashdrives, all media cards, firewire and Thunderbolt drives.

What format should I send my work to you?

Files can be sent in any current word processing format for either Windows or Mac. The most popular formats include .doc, .docx, and pdf.

I have separate colour pages. Can I print them out myself and send it to you?

No. As our printing process is automated, we are unable to process individual pages.

I need to submit a PDF copy of my work. Can you compile that as well?

Yes. We will convert all word processing formats to PDF, bookmark and write to CD.

Why should I pay to have my PDF created?

Many of our clients have come to us after using free PDF converters, as not all of these programs are able to remove word processor styles and formats, as well as import bookmarks and embed fonts. We convert and bookmark your document to a higher PDF standard.

Are your work standards compatible with South African tertiary institutions?

Yes. We have been working with student bodies and faculties from all the major South African tertiary institutions for over 10 years and all of our work is in accordance to university standards.

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Why is payment required before work can start?

Unfortunately due to past circumstances where students have requested their theses printed and bound, and not picked up their completed copies or made drastic last minute alternate arrangements, payment is necessary before a job can be scheduled.

What payment terms do you accept?

We accept various methods of payment via direct bank deposit, EFT, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, uKash and MiMoney, . Please inform us prior to payment, which option you would prefer.

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What delivery options do you offer?

We deliver countrywide via door-to-door courier for urgent, time sensitive deliveries or Post Office Speed Services/counter-to-counter for regular deliveries. Due to the fragile and sensitive nature of our products, we choose not to despatch via regular post.

I am not in Durban. How can I get my file to you, and my completed work/s returned to me?

You can simply send us your file via email or post, or if you are in the Durban area, simply drop off your work file. Once complete, we will send the completed work/s back to you via door-to-door courier or Post Office Speed Services.

If I needed to send my thesis/dissertation to different people, will you ship to multiple addresses?

Yes. Delivery charges per address will apply. These will be revealed to you upon request.

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